Attaining copyright permissions to avoid future legal ramifications is the responsibility of the author. You’ll have to obtain written legal permissions for every piece of copyrighted content that you have used in your book independently which means that all related fees will have to be paid by you as well. Before you can submit your manuscript to Manakin Press, you’ll have to take into account copyright and legal considerations. It’s important to note that Manakin Press will be unable to initiate procedures at its end without copyright permissions.

This includes everything from assessing the manuscript to editing it not to mention other associated procedures. For this reason, you’ll have to start the application process for attaining copyright permission well in advance. We recommend that you:

Keep the use of copyrighted material to a minimum: Our suggestion in terms of copyrights is that you keep the use of such material to a minimum in the book and attribute everything you use from copyrighted content.

Find the right copyright owner: In most cases, the copyright owners are the publishers instead of the authors. Make sure you get the permission from the correct party. In case of no response from the copyright owner, it would not be advisable to assume consent. You will have to let us know, if such a situation arises.

Images, illustrations, and special fonts might also require permission to be used. While general fonts can be used freely, special fonts might require permission from their owners. Even images available under Creative Commons License may have clauses regarding free use. Illustrations, if not created by you, will require permission from the copyright holder and might include a copyright fee, use fee, or reproduction fee.

Any content taken from websites, including screenshots, will require permission from them. We require all written permissions to be submitted along with the manuscript. Any content taken from another source and used without attribution can be considered plagiarism. Any such material, even if amended, must be properly attributed. Making defamatory statements about other people and organisation can result in a libel case being filed against you. Avoid such statements.