General FAQs

What kind of books do you publish?

We are an academic publishers we publish all levels of academic study and professional development across a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Do you publish journals?

Yes, we do.

Where are you Located?

Manakinpress has offices in UK, UAE & India.

Proposal and Pre-Contract

What is Manakinpress's policy on multiple submission?

This can vary, so consult your editor once you have begun discussing the peer review process.

Can I submit my book proposal to more than one Manakinpress editor?

No, we prefer that you submit to one editor at a time.

Can I set the meeting with an editor at a conference to discuss my project?

Yes, you can.

Can I work with co-author?

Yes, You can

Should I Send sample Chapter or a full manuscript along with my proposal?

This varies depending on the editor.

Can my book include previously published material?

In many cases the answer is yes – consult with your editor.

Do you publish dessertations?

Yes, we do.

Do you publish monographs?

Yes, we do.