Attributions are extremely important for authors. If properly done, attribution can prevent legal hassles and resultant consequences. Moreover, the reputation of an author depends on authenticity and how genuine he is. Authors caught plagiarising or not attributing content properly, are often ridiculed in mainstream media, regardless of whether their books become famous or not.

A bibliography for a book contains all the references cited within the main text of the book in addition to other items that may be of use to a reader.

In case you have referenced, rare or obscure works then we advise you to ensure that item carries sufficient detail in the bibliography so it can tracked down by the readers.

Footnotes are designed to add information to some aspect of the main text. However, for the sake of the page layout, we recommend keeping the use of footnotes to a bare minimum. If you do use footnotes, please ensure that they follow the right format and sequencing. It’s also worth mentioning that footnotes are preferable to endnotes but in the .epub format, footnotes get turned into endnotes.

Using illustrations and figures can be very useful additions to a book. Visuals help break up text and even add to a message, argument, lesson etc. However, you should only use images, if they add to the information being provided or if the message cannot be conveyed without their use.

In other words, images are not always necessary. They can sometimes be repetitive and add considerable costs and time to the publishing process of the book. Make sure that they are absolutely necessary before including them. For more details on format and specifications, please read chapter 7 of the brochure, which deals with Illustrations & Figures.

As with illustrations and figures, tables too can be useful to the information contained in a book. However, once again, they are not always necessary. They can sometimes be repetitive and adversely affect the layout of the book. Sometimes, it’s possible that you can provide the information within the main body of the text instead.

Determine whether the table is needed or not before including it in your manuscript. For a complete overview, please study chapter 8, Tables, of the brochure.