Review Process

It’s important for you to send us the complete package including your manuscript, written copyright permissions, and supplemental materials such as images, figures, illustrations, and maps. If you send us an incomplete package, your book’s processing will get held up. We recommend referring to the Manuscript Package Checklist and filling the Manuscript Delivery Form to be completely sure that your manuscript package is complete and flawless.

Please also remember that if you’re using any special, foreign, and unique fonts then you have to send a sample to us before sending us the manuscript package. Ensure that supplemental items in your manuscript package conform to quality, sizing, and other technical requirements.

We require both a hard copy and a soft copy of the manuscript. Please make sure the hard copy is marked to the relevant employee of Manakin Press. The soft copy can be sent on a USB pen drive or a CD, but our preferred method is through online transfer.

Manuscript Processing

We have a well-defined, 6-step method for manuscript processing. These are:

First Layer Assessment
Second Layer Assessment, which includes:
Author Review
Layout Proof & Indexing
Final Review & Approval


Whether an index will be included in your book or not depends upon the needs of your book and the agreement that you have with Manakin Press. If your agreement states that we will be handling the indexing process then we’ll hire a freelancer to do it under the supervision of the editor assigned to your book. In such a scenario, you’ll most probably be handling the cost of professional indexing of your book.

However, if indexing is your responsibility then you must wait till you receive the layout proof to do it. You’ll have up to two weeks for creating an index. This is important because up until the layout proof is created, we cannot be sure of which pages the items will fall on. Even so, you can create a list of items well in advance and add pages once you have the layout proof..





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