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The type of information we collect include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and payment information. Keeping this information safe is our responsibility and we promise you that we will strive to protect you, as our customer. If you have more questions about this information and how we use it, please feel free to go through the content provided below.We are an academic publishers we publish all levels of academic study and professional development across a wide range of subjects and disciplines.Yes, we do.Manakinpress has offices in UK, UAE & India.

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This can vary, so consult your editor once you have begun discussing the peer review process.No, we prefer that you submit to one editor at a time.Yes, you can.Yes, You canThis varies depending on the editor.In many cases the answer is yes – consult with your editor.Yes, we do.Yes, we do.Yes, we do.No, but please do include the names of potential contributors along with affiliations and contact information.We have experts from different subject areas who are into the process of reviewing.It’s our initiative designed to enhance the marketing of your book by adding the Author’s full profile along with their other work details. Once your book is published with us you will be the featured author of Manakinpress.


It depends on the text and other strategies carried by our marketing team.It can be in both depends upon the response we are getting from the market.Yes if market demands so.Yes it will be.Depends on the genre of the book. If there is a need then yes.


YesYesYes we have offices in UK and UAE too.





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