We at Manakin Press have an author roster that is made up of the most renowned and brightest minds of their fields. In our quest for quality content and providing the right environment for talent to thrive, we are always looking out for the new stars on the horizon. We also believe in bringing out varied subject matter in all manners of disciplines. This means that our repertoire includes subjects and titles that are both wide and deep.

However, knowledge can never be considered complete. No matter how large our collection may be, there is always something new that can fill in a gap. If you as an author have a proposal for us that will fill in a gap, we will be glad to hear from you. Our on-going quest is to publish academic books that are high in quality as well as in content. We pride ourselves on our curriculum defining material and would like to continue bringing out fresh material that is the latest in academics, professional, or technological learning.

In return, we will ensure that our experience in this field will get you the guidance that you might need. We have a team of supportive editors who will assist you with your manuscript. You will be provided with the resources that will help you achieve the success you deserve. Our international network will give you a platform that will span five continents. With our offices in New Delhi, London, and Sharjah, we are equipped to reach markets in India and the sub-continent, South-East Asia, GCC countries, North Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

In order to get in touch with us with your proposal, please fill out our book proposal form. If you already have a manuscript ready, you can submit that with your proposal as well. Before you do that, we urge you to read other pages under the Author section on our website. These pages contain our other Author Guidelines which will help you make your proposal more effective.





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