Headquartered in New Delhi and boasting of multiple offices in both Dubai and London, Manakin Press is primed to Headquartered in New Delhi and boasting of multiple offices in both Dubai and London, Manakin Press is primed to UK and global markets, we are constantly upping commitment to provide a more streamlined system for authors, universities, libraries, and distributors. Our expansive infrastructure is designed explicitly to facilitate the needs of each of our clients, regardless of how unique or complex they may be.

At Manakin Press, we take pride in our elaborate collection of exceptional titles from distinguished academicians and scientists across the world. At the same time, we persistently look to pinpoint and improve untouched educational subjects where representation is scarce. Our diverse writers’ roster consists of some of the most well-known academic authors in the world. This sparkling line-up, combined with our ever-active production pipeline, allows us to be flexible, versatile, and capable of handling the changing conditions of the industry.

Superlative teams of empanelled experts from all technical fields coupled with world-class production facilities spread across the globe give us a dynamic and highly adaptable outlook. We are perpetually in the process of analysing new titles which we believe can make a huge difference in the already saturated field of academic analysing new titles which we believe can make a huge difference in the already saturated field of academic publishing. Some of the academic disciplines that we focus on include Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Medicine, Social Sciences, Information Technology, and Computer Science.

We offer books in virtually all formats possible, including eBooks designed for specific devices and paperbacks for conventional readers. Notably, more than 150 titles in different disciplines are set to be rolled out in the current year by Manakin Press. Founding a new paradigm in Academic Publishing with experience, commitment, and dedication, Manakin Press is on the verge of creating a special position for itself in a highly competitive, niche market. We invite you to join us in this momentous journey!


We, at Manakin Press, aspire to be recognised as the leading name in highly specialised, all-encompassing core areas of technical research, scientific analysis, and education. Our objective is to become the epitome of best practices in the industry and set higher benchmarks with every new title. Our unwavering focus remains on accruing an extensive catalogue of high quality titles and we diligently strive to better their distribution. We are constantly looking for new authors who are pioneers and experts in their fields.

Our aim is to bring forth the knowledge they possess in printed form and disseminate it. We cater to educational bodies and libraries, assuring them the very best, including books on subjects that have poor representation. Our quest is to constantly build up our collection to include textbooks for highly specialised subjects. We want our collection to be all-inclusive, with popular titles rubbing shoulders with those which traditionally have less representation.

Our goal is to simply boost and improve the education sector in the country, providing top end reading material to students, professionals, and academics alike. We strive to become the foremost name in the world of educational publication purely on the basis of our high quality reading material. To make sure our treasure trove of knowledge reaches every young mind who seeks it, we have an extensive network of distributors.

We always look to expand this network through new collaborations. Manakin Press always welcomes business opportunities with distributors, dealers, publishing agents, and direct sellers. We hope to eventually become the home to the luminaries of the global academic publishing industry and the leaders of academic publishing. Our vision is to become an indispensable part of the industry, with a reputation for having the largest collection of high quality educational textbooks in all disciplines.


At Manakin Press, we believe in setting our standards higher than any established industry benchmarks. Our understanding is that just experience cannot replace commitment and dedication. This is what drives us on our quest for excellence. We hope to become the yardstick against which the publication industry is measured. Our operations emphasise our core competencies such as synergy, engagement, and integration with each stakeholder of every project. We value the authors in our roster, our distributors, and the educational institutions alike.

It is our belief that growth cannot happen in isolation. This is why, with every project we undertake, we make sure all stakeholders achieve the most they can from it. We believe it is our duty to integrate the best practices of the industry with the superlative talent that exists inside every aspiring author. To this end, we nurture and guide all first-time authors so that they get that critical boost at the beginning of their writing careers.

We provide them with all the tools they need for success, including subject based advice and marketing perspectives. We believe in adapting with the market, so our flexibility and versatility become our strengths in the changing environments of the world of educational publication. Our belief is that preserving old values cannot be done at the cost of technological advancement. This is why we have our books in digital as well as analogue formats.

This also serves to ensure that the knowledge of the written word is accessible to everyone who seeks it. This is also apparent in our price points, which are highly competitive and affordable. As our network grows, we ascertain that our old associates do not get left behind. It is our hope that we are the conduit for their success as we grow. We hope to become the market leaders on the strength of our dedication, versatility, and commitment to quality.


Manakin Press has presence on five continents. Our headquarters in New Delhi provide us with a solid base for business in the Indian sub-continent as well as South-East Asia. We are already well on our way to becoming the best academic publication of India. In addition to that, we have offices in London and Sharjah. Our UAE office enables us to open up markets in the Middle East and North Africa. This gives us a comprehensive coverage in Asia and the Middle East with a foothold in Africa. The UK office is equipped to handle the European market as well as the Americas.

We have an editorial panel consisting of luminaries in the field of education. Every single book that passes through our doors is vetted by them to ensure the high level of standards we hold ourselves up to is maintained. As one of the most trusted academic publication of India, we have already established close working ties with some of the top institutes in the country. The list of our associates includes prestigious names like IIT, IIM, and TERI. Our publication is already defining curriculum and course material through our specially-designed textbooks.

Our distribution network is made up of some of the most respected names in the industry and is always expanding. We have established close ties with a number of publishing houses and dealers, who have placed their trust in us because of our reliability and quality. Manakin Press is a growing force to be reckoned with in the publication industry of the Indian sub-continent.

Our infrastructure is equipped to handle business in the GCC countries, North Africa, Europe, and the Americas, in addition to India and South-East Asia. This we do without compromising on our quality. Our name is rapidly being associated with good value, reliable content, and world-class standards.


The Manakin Press team has the ability to focus on the core strengths and goals to drive the business forward. Their expertise is of great value because of their long-standing association with the world of book publishing and education.

The team takes a hands-on approach when dealing with clients, which gives them the ability to give the clients what they want through not only existing knowledge base but also innovative thinking.

All of these team strengths have played a key role in the rapid growth of Manakin Press.





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