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This is a textbook, guide, and handbook for all mass communication courses. It is designed explicitly keeping the modern curriculum and trends in mind.

The purpose of this book is to give students and teachers a resource based on the Indian context and examples and descriptions suited for the Indian mind-set. 

The text in this book revolves heavily around orienting the reader’s perspective towards that of a media analyst as opposed to a media consumer. 

It takes cognisance of all recent syllabus changes made by UGC and individual Universities.

Reluctantly, this book aims to make it easier for teachers to teach the subject, for students to study it, and for the layman to become media literate.

The book covers the basics of Mass Communication, models and theories about the subject, and Mass Media as a social, political and economic component.

The book also includes the instruments of Mass Communication - Print Media, Electronic Media, and New Media.

The book also has a chapter dedicated to advertising and Public Relations.

Salient Features:

1. This book is suited for everyone with an interest in Media

2. The book has development of the subject from basic to advanced levels

3. The language of book is easy to understand and content is written in continuity, making the reader more comfortable in moving from one topic to another

4. The book provides concise and effective discussion on included content

5. Each part of the book has subsections or chapters

Topics Covered

Appendix I

  • Overview
  • What is Mass Communication?
  • Models and Theories of Mass Communication
  • Mass Media: A Social, Political and Economic Component
  • Instruments of Mass Communication
  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media
  • New Media
  • Advertising and Public Relations
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