Why Manakin Press?

While schools, colleges, and universities provide valuable education to their pupils, research institutes help in furthering the boundaries of knowledge. Researchers are invaluable to the world of education, as the pool of knowledge would begin to stagnate without them. On the other hand, a researcher is as good as the tools he has. If there are gaps in their information, even the best researchers will falter. In order to ensure that researchers manage to reach the pinnacle of their abilities, research institutes need to make sure their knowledgebase is up-to-date and extensive.

To this end, Manakin Press offers our services as the leading academic publication in India. We offer the broadest range of subject matter, with a high degree of specialisation. Not only do we provide books on academic disciplines like Biotechnology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, but we also cater to more specialised needs. With Manakin Press, research institutes will find books on subjects that are not so readily available in the market.

We pride our ability to discover and nurture new authors from disciplines that are not as popular or as established. This gives us a collection that is as deep as it is wide. Research Institutes can also make use of our custom publishing. While we are happy to print out-of-print books or obscure tomes, we will also publish research papers in a book form and limited quantity printing. With offices in New Delhi, UAE and the UK, we also cater to research institutes in South-East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, GCC countries, Europe, and the USA.

Whether it is a standard order or a custom order, we welcome any inquiries from research institutes. If you’re looking for a publishing partner, fill up the form below and someone from Manakin Press will get in touch with you immediately. Alternatively, we are available on phone at +91-11-45328300 and also on email at