Why Manakin Press?

The level of education in a society determines how well the society grows. Education is supposed to begin at home, but the lion’s share of the work of educating young minds is done in educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. The teachers in these educational institutions rely heavily on books to educate their pupils. This means that having textbooks with the correct and most up-to-date content is a priority. We at Manakin Press understand this and this is why we emphasise on quality and variety.

Our textbooks cover various subjects such as Biotechnology, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Sciences. We also try and include books on subjects that are relatively obscure and difficult to obtain. Our constant endeavour is to bring out books that will further the cause of education and knowledge. We also offer custom publishing to educational institutions, where we will print out-of-print books, special editions, and even books collated from different sources.

Our wide distribution network, with offices in UAE and the UK along with New Delhi, means we have an international reach. For any order, special or regular, contact us with the following form. Alternatively, we are also available on phone at +91-11-45328300 or on email at