Digitising Enterprise in an Information Age

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A true digital enterprise will assimilate information, processes, work and populace so that all the functions of management exert resourcefully and skilfully. Digitising Enterprise in an Information Age is an endeavour in this direction in the form of manuscript that focuses on an enormous cluster of “Enterprises” and their involvement. In real sense it is the road map of the accumulating technology with enterprises to narrow down threat that poses due to “e” effect and make a recipe to come out from those threats. It was very well quoted by Confucius, “As the water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it, so does a wise man adapts him to circumstances.” Enterprises and businesses across all genre and spectrum are trying their level best to espouse to change and move on with the changing requirements of technology. The question is no longer pertinent if at all an enterprise needs to digitise – nor is that when is the time to begin the course of action. Those that aren't already on board are running out of time. Nonetheless this book by and large talks about current digital business, how digital technology must be at the heart of what the enterprise is doing and how it engender revenue, seizes competitive advantage and fabricate value. An intention of a book in a real sense is to give a glimpse about true digital enterprise which will have a profound impact on the way individuals work and the way enterprises accomplish business in the outlook.

Topics Covered


  • Clicking Away: Fiji’s ICT Industry
    – Jashwini Narayana, Anshu Mala and Rajiv Naidu
  • Contemporary Research Issues in Business–IT Alignment
    – Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal
  • Efficiency of IT Deployment of Public Sector Banks in India
    – Sanjay Dhingra
  • Empirical Study of Volatility Clustering in Stock Prices of IT Index
    – Anurag Agnihotri
  • Empirical study on obstacles in Information System Success
    – Bikram Pal Kaur and Dr. Himanshu Aggrawal
  • Fostering the Garment Industry Competitiveness: The ICT Contribution
    – Sara Cepolina
  • MIS Sustain Credit Riskmetrics vis-a-vis the Future of Indian
    Banking System
    – A.K. Saini and Deepak Tandon
  • Analysis of Web Quality Provided by Pintwire Informatics in IT Industry
    – Sarita Kanaujiya, Preeti Gusain, Neha Agarwal and Soni Wadhwa


  • Adoption of Advance Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) in Micro,
    Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of India
    – Brijesh Singh
  • An Overview of ERP in Indian Production Firms
    – Arun Madapusi
  • Automation in Textile knitting Process: An ERP Initiative
    – Chaudhry M. Nadeem Faisal, Saeed Ahmad, Amjed Javid
  • BIS: Web Based ERP to Support Small Entrepreneurs
    – Chaudhry Muhammad Nadeem Faisal
  • Effective ERP Deployment in Public Sector Unit With Reference
    to Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd
    – Sona Srivastava, Parminder Narula
  • Enterprise Resource Planning for Financial Analysts
    – Amit Gautam
  • Essence of Software Process Re-engineering in SME’s: Towards
    Process Customization and Automation
    – Ashima, Himanshu Aggarwal
  • Identification & Evaluation of Barriers During ERP Implementation
    – Manu Sharma, Sudhanshj Joshi, Vinod Kumar Singh
  • Impacts of Decision Supporting Systems on Decision Making
    – Shatha Yousif AL-Qassimi, Akram Jalal Karim


  • A Comprehensive Analysis of Social Break Ups on Facebook
    – Sarita
  • Digital Signature: Nature Scope Under the It Act, 2000—Some
    – Dr. Vijaykumar Shrikrushna Chowbe
  • Emerging Spamming Threats
    – Laxmi Ahuja
  • Impact of formal Inspection to Software Requirements Specification
    For Software Quality Assurance
    – Prashant Gupta
  • Information System Security and Risk Management: Issues and
    Impact on Organizations
    – Shikha Gupta, Anil K Saini
  • Paradigm shift in Fingerprint Recognition on Pressure Variation
    and Impact of Information System in Crime Reduction
    – Jashwini Narayana. Anshu Mala and Rajiv Naidu
  • Psychoanalysis of Privacy Policies of E-Commerce & BPO Websites
    in Indian Circumstances
    – Dr. Abha Chandra, Vinita Sharma, Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
    and Dr. Subodh Kesharwani
  • Security Threats in EBusiness with Safety and Dependability
    – Narendra Kumar Tyagi
  • Virus: A Menace for Information Security
    – Arun Bakshi, Vikas Dixit and Kaushal Mehta
  • Monitoring: Contemporary Way to Test and Verily
    – Raj Bala Simon and Laxmi Ahuja
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