Leadership Motivation & Incentive

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Leadership, Motivation & Incentive are three pillars of a successful career in both business and corporate life. Everything a human being does is imbibed by the social nature of men and what he does is all driven by the desire to excel and achieve. The original idea of this book is to discuss leadership, motivation and incentive in details so as to enable us to understand how to speed up the engine of industrial development. The topics of leadership, motivation and incentive have deep inseparable relationship with industrial production which is engine of a development for a nation and all three of these thrive in an environment which has all positives like good labour laws, harmonious industrial relations which encourage equal participation from workers in management. The book will help future and current managers and business leaders to learn how to lead organizations towards path of development. The book will also be very useful for students who aim and strive to carve out a successful career path as they stand to benefit immensely from experiences and motivational stories shared in the book. The author is sure that libraries and students all across the vast spectrum of management, economics, commerce, business leadership, motivation etc. Will all find to be a very useful addition to their collection essential motivational books.

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