Leadership, Governance & Public Policy

Human Resource Perspective

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'Leadership, Governance and Public Policy' is an effort that aims to touch upon the three basics of progression of a society or an organization-Leadership, Governance and Public Policy. The book focuses on original high-quality research in the realm of human resource management, encompassing facilitation of the theoretical foundations and the applications of these in the industry.

The book is intended as a tool for practitioners and researchers to comprehend management problems and available solutions in the area, to identify new issues and to shape future directions for research, while industrial users may apply these techniques for improving productivity and efficiency of human resource in their organization.

Readers of the book can use skills the book provides to excel and enhance his existence and role in day to day affairs of society.

The best compass of 'Leadership, Governance and Public Policy' is strong set of values that consistently point towards making the right choices. To succeed in this more complex, interconnected and rapidly changing world, people in all sectors (public, private and voluntary) are recognizing the urgent need to develop approaches to leadership and governance that are more distributed and more learning-based.

The book provides approaches that can adapt more quickly and operate more effectively across the shifting boundaries that separate organizations, industries, disciplines, sectors and political jurisdictions. However, adapting, implementing and realizing these mantras are harder than they sound The absence of which makes academicians and industry professionals doubt upon and call for re-positioning the established ways and means of realizing their strategic intent and vision to innovate newer ways of leading and organizing in sync with contemporary social-organizational reality.

Salient Features:

1. This book is suited for everyone including undergraduates, post-graduates, researchers, and academicians

2. The book has development of the subject from basic to advanced levels

3. This book is categorically designed to be user friendly and easy to read

4. This book includes real life examples

5. The book includes brand new presentation and features

Topics Covered

  • Impact of Work-Life Challenges on Career Decisions: A Study of Women Professionals
    Dr Kranti Walia and Dr Aparna Sharma
  • Leader Member Exchange (LMX) and Readiness towards Technological Changes Among
    Employees of Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Organizations
    Ms. Toran Kapoor, Dr. Anand Pratap Singh and Mr. Mahesh Narain
  • A Roadmap from Organizational Learning to Learning Organization
    Rahul Raj and Rajnish Ratna
  • The Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Employee’s Self-Empowerment
    Divya Gautam and Dr. (Prof.) Parul Jhajharia
  • Personality Traits and Motivation Analysis: A Study in Education Sector
    Sweta Saurabh
  • Utilisation & Scope of Information Technology in Human Resource domain
    Tanpreet Kaur
  • Differentiating Entrepreneurs and Small Business Managers: A Competence Base Perspective
    Arshad Nabi Wani and Khursheed Ahmad Butt
  • Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction of The Employees in It Industry
    Sakshi Goel and Arti Menon
  • Impact of Financial Appraisal on The Retention of Employees with Special Reference to
    Beverages Industry
    Dr. Devendra Singh, Ms. Deepika Sharma
  • Women Leadership: An Integrative Focus on Equality
    Dr. Puja Sareen, Ms. Surabhi Agarwal
  • Role of Human Resources in Make in India Campaign
    Manju Kumari
  • Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property Rights: Understanding the Concept of Generic vs.
    Non-Generic Terms with Respect to Trademark Laws in India Professionals
    – Shrivastava Navin, Shrivastava Vinod and Shrivastava Pravin
  • Strategic Human Resource Management to Build Sustained Competitive Advantage in Indian
    Banking Sector 191
    – Parul Jhajharia and Ritika Kaur
  • An Empirical Examination of the Influence of Employee Empowerment on Organizational
    Commitment and Job Performance
    Rouf A. Mir, Zahid H. Bhat, Prof. Riyaz and A. Rainayee
  • A Study of Existing Strategic Alignment of HR in Select Organisations
    Teena Bagga and Dr. Aparna Goyal
  • Sustainable Tourism: An Integrated Human Resource Approach to World Tourism
    Vipin Kaushik, Sumit Sharma and Kumar Harshit
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