Effectiveness of Management Accounting

A Strategic Management Process

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The book entitled “Effectiveness of Management Accounting: A Strategic Management Process” is the outcome of significant research for a long period of time as a CMA. This had found out the answers to intricate issues concerning strategic management aspects of a company remaining engaged in resource allocation and performance management problems with the help of the cost and management Accountants (CMAs). The theories of Management Accountancy have been tested and results obtained therein have been incorporated in this book in user's friendly manner. Presentation of contemporary and time honoured relevance of Management Accounting have been made in this book. The book may be considered to be a handy tool for the CMAs in particular and other professionals in general. Besides, University Professors, researchers and people dealing with day-to-day management accounting may refer this book as a guide.

Topics Covered

• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Evolutionary Development of Management Accounting
• Research Methodology
• Data Analysis, Discussion and Interpretation
• Findings and Conclusion
• Limitation and Future Direction of Research

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