Leadership and Management in Libraries

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Library administrators and managers at all levels deals with day to day challenges every day with their users as well as the staff working in the library and/ or in the other departments of the organization. To meet such challenges professionals must develop their leadership capacity. In today’s digital scenario where the information is available on a click of a button, the demand of leaders in Library sector is increasing. To coordinate and to transform effective and efficient services to the clients/ users it becomes essential for the professionals to develop their managerial skills and update their knowledge in respect to today’s digital world. Leadership skills are required at all levels of the profession, from the top, through to professional staff who has been called upon to lead a team or to take a supervisory role. Many organizations, as well as the library professionals, pride themselves on encouraging leadership skills in their staffs and themselves throughout their employment levels. Now the challenges for the library professional are not only we do need to recruit librarians, we need to recruit leaders to our profession as well. We need real leaders if our libraries of the future are to thrive and grow.

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