The Arithmetic of Desires

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"There is an inherent courage that lies hidden in each one of us and it is the only recourse available to overcome the various situations in our lives. All the characters of this world are mere mortals and their reactions in various situations differ as the time and social constraints change. Human relationships are never perfect and it is our mere belief in a relationship that makes it perfect. People have to be accepted with all their colours. There is no set formula for the perfect partner or a perfect life. Life is to be lived and lived with all its shades. Life is actually “ The Arithmetic of Desires’. "Since time immemorial the chase has enthralled the human race far more than the catch itself. The more difficult is the chase, the more precious seems the catch." "Jugnu Chacha believed that it’s better not to taste certain things in life. "When you don't know the taste, you don't crave for it"…. Murmured Jugnu Chacha. "Now Pammo who always kept logic above the emotions understood that logic fails when emotions take over. She now understood that love exists and there is no reasoning for why people love some people more than their own life and there is no cure to love except love"

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