Steel Rolling

Principle, Process & Application

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“Steel Rolling: Principle, Process and Application” is a unique effort, as for the first time in India a book has tried to cover all aspects and elements of rolling technology in one volume with even heavy technical jargon being communicated in an easy to understand language.

The book with its numbers of illustrative chapters provides information on the fundamentals of mechanical working, the theory behind the same and all aspects of roll pass design in a very simple and systematic way. For the ease of understanding, Rolling and Roll pass design of all major sections are dealt separately in details with number of exercises.

The book is exhaustive as topics ranging from rolls, rolls cooling, roll turning, roll reclamation, investigation of roll breakage, roll management and roll bearing all have been dealt in detail as these constitute the most important element of production cost.

A separate chapter has been dedicated to the operational management of a rolling mill, which includes safety and inventory. Packaging of the finished products and modern operating mill practices and technologies are also discussed in detail.

Above all, for the first time it has been illustrated- in a book, as to how to design an individual section step by step with the help of formulas and graphs. With the help of that, even a layman can design a semi-finished products including blooms, slabs and billets and finished sections like round, square, flat, angle channel, beam and rails section.

In addition, this book has also explained to readers how to conduct the complex task of a mill “setting “and manage control elements of section during rolling.

Salient Features:

1. This book will be a useful tool for shop floor personnel and for all senior management operating in the rolling mill industry; it is also a must read for all polytechnic/engineering students of metallurgical/mechanical/process engineering.This book may also be useful as reference book for students/professionals of rolling technology.

2. Each part of the book has subsections or chapters

3. The language of book is easy to understand and content is written in continuity, making the reader more comfortable in moving from one topic to another

4. The book provides supporting data in the form of illustrations, tables and graphs to make the topic easy to understand.

5. The book is the first and only book to provide illustrations using formulas and graphs for each individual section of a rolling mill.

Topics Covered

  • Roll Pass Design
  • Mechanical Working and Rolling Process
  • Rolls, Roll Cooling and Roll Management
  • Rolling of Blooms and Slabs
  • Rolling of Billets
  • Rolling of Rounds and TMTS Bars
  • Rolling of Flats and Squares
  • Rolling of Angles
  • Rolling of Channels
  • Rolling of Beam
  • Rolling of Rail
  • Operation, Safety and Quality Management
  • Packaging of Steel Products
  • Energy Efficient Practices and Technologies
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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great professional book which explains all processes in a very user friendly language.

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