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Welcome all UG and PG students of Engineering, MCA, BCA and science programs to the big book designed to be as comprehensive and as accessible as is possible for a single book on Computer Graphic and CAD. It is also designed to cover all the syllabus of Computer Graphics as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) subject available separately in any semester of Institutes or Universities. Nearly everything is in here is ready for you to use. You will find coverage of every topic of the subject with at least one solved example showing how it works.

We will discuss not only all the topics, but also cover all principle and modeling procedures adopted in Industries and Research Institutes for generation of composite curves, surfaces and objects with solved examples (as for as we know, no other single book can make that claim). That is just part of the story of course-we will put basics of Computer Graphics and CAD to work in depth, pushing the envelope as for as it can go. In the first chapter, hardware and software of computer system required in Computer Graphics and CAD has been discussed.

Software and algorithms for simple objects (such as point, line, circle and ellipse) generation and its reduction useful in Computer Graphics and CAD has been discussed in the second chapter. Then geometric transformation of 2D and 3D objects has been discussed in third chapter. Forth chapter deals with representation methods of curves and surfaces required for geometric modeling of curves, composite curves using different fitting techniques and surfaces and its composites patches discussed in fifth, sixth and seventh chapters respectively.

Eighth chapter deals with solid modeling and animation. Finally, ninth chapter deals with Finite Element Analysis required for numerical method that can be used for the accurate solution of complex engineering problem in CAD/CAM. Finite Element Analysis is considered to be one of the best methods for solving wide variety of practical problems efficiently.

Topics Covered

• Computer Graphics and CAD
• Principal of Computer Graphics and Object Modelling
• 3D Object Representation and Viewing
• Curve and Surface
• Geometric Modelling for of Curves
• Composite Curve Fitting: Geometric Modelling
• Surface Modelling and Surface Fitting
• Solid Modelling and Animation
• Finite Element Analysis
• Index

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