India Towards 100% Financial Inclusion

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Inclusion of Finance or Financial Inclusion is one of the basic requirements for inclusive growth and development of the country. The present government is trying its best for inclusion of every citizen of the country by adopting various schemes and strategies. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is one of the significant steps taken by the government. However, despite of all these efforts, the target 100 per cent level of financial inclusion throughout the country is far behind the expectation particularly the sister states of Northeast India and other states and union territories in general.

The present book is an attempt to provide a comprehensive area of financial inclusion compiling 27 different research papers contributed by eminent scholars, academicians and researchers. All research papers inside this book, discussed on various issues of financial inclusion ranging from historical background to evolution to concept to methods and techniques adopting for inclusion of more of financially excluded people of the country. Further, it is also highlight the status and position of financial inclusion in all the states and union territories of the country and finally the ways and means to achieve the 100 per cent financial inclusion of India.

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