Lab Manual of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

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The objective of this book is to provide information about the basic knowledge of organic chemistry practicals at an undergraduate level.

It consists of three units namely synthesis of organic compounds, estimation of organic compounds and functional group analysis with their derivative preparation in a simple way.

This book contains 35 preparations with their reaction, mechanism and procedure. It covers organic synthesis, qualitative analysis of organic compounds, and systematic analysis of functional groups with their derivative preparation.

Each exercise has been written in a student-friendly way.

Salient Features:

1. Qualitative and quantitative analysis includes many new features that meet the need of undergraduate students of various Indian Universities.

2. This is the first book that covers three important topics: organic preparations, estimation of organic compounds/biomolecules and systematic analysis of organic compound containing various functional groups.

3. The information given in this book will be highly useful and help in understanding the basics of organic chemistry practical.

4. Organic syntheses are easy to carry out but how the reaction proceeds that is also important to know and this book emphasis on that.

5. In this book organic preparations are not only accompanied by reaction but also with its mechanism and a list of viva voce questions.

6. All tests are explained by chemical reactions as well as in detail on the preparation of reagents which will be of great help to the students.

7. This book also includes many experiments of organic estimations and some of them pertain to environmental chemistry as well.

8. This books is categorically designed to be user friendly and easy to read.

Topics Covered

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Quantitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
  • Systematic Analysis of Functional Groups with their
    Derivative Preparation
  • References
  • Index
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