Green Chemistry in 21st Century and Beyond

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This book is written for undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars and for students of Engineering Colleges and Environmental Studies.

Most importantly, this book is of use to chemists all over the globe working in research and development using of various industries dealing with chemicals in 21st century and beyond.

The book introduces Green Chemistry and goes on to describe transformations in water, ionic liquids, supercritical carbon dioxide, pluethylene glycol and its olutions, and fluorous solvents.

It even touches upon solvent-free organic transformation, microwave assisted organic transformations, ultrasound assisted organic transformations and photochemical transformations amongst other topics.

The book also discusses polymers and agrochemicals.

The book even compares the pharmaceutical industry of the past to the present world pharmaceutical industy.

Salient Features:

1. Organic transformations using green solvents

2. Solventless Organic transformation

3. Procedures dealing with minimizing the use of energy

4. Use of catalysts in organic transformations

5. Use of green reagents in organic transformations

6. Green Fuels

7. A discussion on Industries like pharmaceuticals

8. Polymer and agricultural chemicals

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Green Chemistry
  • Organic Transformations in Water
  • Transformations in Ionic Liquids
  • Transformations in Super Critical Carbon Dioxide
  • Transformations in Polyethylene Glycol and its Solutions
  • Transformations in Fluorous Solvents
  • Miscellaneous Green Solvents
  • Solvent-free Organic Transformations
  • Microwave Assisted Organic Transformations
  • Ultrasound Assisted Organic Transformations
  • Photochemical Organic Transformations
  • Organic Transformations using Phase Transfer Catalysts
  • Biocatalytic Transformations
  • Organic Transformations using Supported Catalysts
  • Organic Transformations using Green Reagents
  • Organic Transformations using Renewable Starting Materials
  • Electrochemical Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Now and Then
  • Polymers
  • Agrochemicals
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