Advanced Experimental Organic Chemistry

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The book entitled “Advanced Experimental Organic Chemistry” has been written for under-and post-graduate students keeping in mind the curriculum of chemistry laboratory in all the universities. We have made an effort to present this book in a simple way and hope this will find a place in all the laboratories, libraries and in the book-shelf of academicians and students.

The book which in itself is more of a lab manual has a multi-scale approach and delves on all key topics of the subject like qualitative organic analysis, spectroscopic identification of organic compounds, and preparation of organic compounds.The book also includes topics like the isolation of some natural compounds, quantitative estimations and chromatography techniques used for purification, separation of organic compounds. Inclusion of some procedures like spot tests for detection of extra elements and functional groups, a few procedures for microwave assisted reactions, use of carbon dioxide for isolation of some compounds etc. and a comprehensive list of questions at the end of each chapter are additional features of the book.


Topics Covered

  • Qualitative Organic Analysis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Preparation of Organic Compounds
  • Isolation of Natural Products
  • Estimations
  • Chromatography
  • Tables of Organic Compounds and their Derivatives
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