Advanced Experimental Inorganic Chemistry

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The book entitled “Advanced Experimental Inorganic Chemistry” includes the details of chemistry and systematic procedure adopted for analysis of anions, cations, insolubles, alloys and some rare elements. Detection of metal ions by chromatography, atomic absorption and Flame photometry are also described. The quantitative analysis includes volumetric and gravimetric analysis of a single or a mixture of components. Instrumental methods of both volumetric and gravimetric analysis are also included. The methods used for preparation of a variety of inorganic compounds, double salts and complexes are also given in detail.


Topics Covered

Part I
Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

    • Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

Part II
Volumetric Analysis, Instrumental Methods of Volumetric Analysis

    • Volumetric Analysis
    • Instrumental Methods of Volumetric Analysis

Part III
Gravimetric Analysis, Estimation of More than one Constituent
Present Together in a Solution, Instrumental Methods
of Quantitative Analysis

    • Gravimetric Analysis
    • Estimation of more than one Constituent in the given solution
    • Instrumental Methods of Quantitative Analysis

Part IV
Inorganic Preparations

    • Inorganic Preparations
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