A Survey of Advanced Quantum Mechanics & Related Topics

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This book is a collection of problems & solutions on topics related to Quantum Robotics, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Statistics, Quantum Stochastic & Quantum Field Theory applied to Non-Abelian Yang-Mill Fields. Specific topics in Quantum information, General Relativity and Cosmology like Galactic Evolution, Relativistic Fluid Dynamics, Stellar Structure, Stochastic Models leading to fluid dynamic equation etc. are also studied. The aim is to present their topics in a form that is easily accessible to a practising engineer so that he can take up a specific problem and simulate it in the form of non-linear dynamical system. The practicing physicists can also us this book for simulating the non-linear wave equations that arise in modern gage theories like yang mills field for SU(2) with Non-Abelian and Gravitational connection terms. He can also get a unified picture of the interaction of the three fundamentals fields; electromagnetic fields whose carrier particles are photons produced by matter field whose carrier particles are electrons and positrons which satisfied that Dirac Equation & Gravitational Fields whose carrier particles are gravitons defined by the Einstein Field Equations. Unification involves determining the correct connection for Dirac Equation in a Gravitational Field that would take him closer to building a unified field theory. Some problems here also relate to super-symmetry. It is the one of the strong candidates for a unified field theory.

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