A Physicist’s ABC on Plasma

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The book presents the fundamental information on the high-temperature plasma physics. These, at present largely wellestablished results, comprise, in effect, the sum of knowledge indispensable for any physicist with a wide enough sphere of interests. However, the structure of the high temperature physics has just been outlined and is still being developed. A major contribution to this field of modern physics has been made by the Department of Plasma Physics, headed by L. Artsimovich, which is a part of the I. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy. L. Artsimovich headed the research work with the tokamak type installations, adiabatic traps, rapid pinches and other machines designed for harnessing the high-temperature fusion reaction. He was directly involved in actual work in a number of these research projects and in development of the correct conceptual system and understanding of the plasma phenomena.

Topics Covered

  • Definition of Plasma
  • Motion of Electrons and Ions in Plasma in the Absence of External Fields
  • Plasma Behaviour in Electric Fields
  • Plasma Behaviour in Magnetic Field
  • The Effect of the Magnetic Field on Characteristics of the Plasma
  • Results Derived from Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
  • Development of Experimental Target
  • Conditions for Existence of a Plasma Ring
  • The Theory of Stability
  • Plasma Behaviour in Traps with Magnetic Mirrors
  • Stability of Plasma Configurations
  • Shear Stabilization
  • Other Plasma Instabilities
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