Management Perception, Strategy & Operations

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Business management is more than just providing a service or selling a product. It involves an intrinsic understanding of how brand perception affects marketing strategy, and how both of them affect operations. This is the book that will help you understand how these factors affect and influence a business. A business is an entire philosophy that should ideally be reflected in its every aspect. Whether it is the label of 'green' or 'sustainable', or Corporate Social Responsibility, the corporate ethos is changing to adapt with the demands of the consumer. Through a series of intensely researched and well-presented essays, this book discusses brand perception and marketing techniques, with real-world examples and studies. It talks about how brand perception affects the customer's spending behaviour and product satisfaction. It highlights the importance of resource management and market diversification.

Topics Covered

• Part-1 : Customers Perception and Market Evaluation
• Part-2 : Knowledge Management
• Part-3 : Issues and Strategies in IT and Management
• Part-4 : Operational Techniques in Management
• Part-5 : Entrepreneurship and Social Development

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