ABC of Molecular Symmetry


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The influence of symmetry on scientific vision of descriptive science, especially chemistry is  profound. It binds chemistry together into a coherent whole. It aids not only in unraveling the structures and bondings of chemical compounds but also in showing a relationship of electronic structure with their reactivities. It makes the study of symmetry a “Must” for all the students majoring in chemistry. But these studies necessarily involve grasping ideas with mathematical rigor which are given in a number of available books. This demands on the students some pre-knowledge of mathematics, especially of linear algebra. Unfortunately it becomes deterent for mathematical frightened students. A need is therefore felt for a very elementary booklet on symmetry free as far as possible from mathematical details for those who become nervous by mathematical jargons. Our endeavor in the present book is to keep the matter on symmetry mainly qualitative. The emphasis is more on the physical principles rather than on mathematical details. Attempts throughout is made to derive the principles by giving proper examples. The justifications of principles are through various different types of examples. We sincerely hope that the approach might possibly help the readers in creating an interest to study symmetry.

Topics Covered

  • What is Symmetry
  • Symmetry Elements and Operations
  • Relationships among Operations Defining Molecular Symmetry
    (Multiplication Table, Concept of Molecular Point Group)
  • Representations (Reducible and Irreducible). Direct Products
  • Some Applications of Symmetry
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