Looking Behind Around And Forward

Ishwar C Dhingra – Cashless or Helpless? Demystifying Demonetisation

‘Demonetisation: A Step Towards Cashless Economy’ (Manakin Press, 2017) was an early humble atte...

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Writing A Book And Getting It Published Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Writing A Book And Getting It Published: Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Creating a manuscript may be easy, but writing a book and getting it published is not as easily acco...

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Simplifying Cyber Crimes One Chapter at a Time

In today’s age of hyper-connectivity, we live our entire lives online. A unique cyber-world which ...

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How To Find A Publisher For Academic Books

Unlike fiction books, academic book writers have the advantage of not needing a complete manuscript ...

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If You Find A Publisher For Your Book Who Wants You To Pay, Stay Away

Greatest Pitfalls Of Finding A Publisher For Your Book

For any potential author, the thought of writing and getting a book published is a very exciting one...

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Penguin Random House

Are There Any UK Publishing Companies Operating In India?

As has been discussed in another post, India has become the country with the golden touch for intern...

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Local Academic Publishers Pay Lump Sum & International Academic Publishers Pay Royalties

How are International Academic Publishers Different from Local Academic Publishers?

Publishing in India used to be a local industry where small players ruled the roost. With changing t...

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Good Publishing Companies Have the Infrastructure Available

How do You Know Good Publishing Companies from Bad Publishing Companies

To the untrained eye, one publishing company is as good as another. Essentially, they are both publi...

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State Of The Art Equipment And Large Scale Resources

Manakin Press’s Endeavour to Be the Best Academic Publishers in the World

Academic publishing is a very competitive world. Just the huge amount of work involved can be a dete...

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Is publishing a thesis possible if parts of it were published in a journal

Is Publishing a Thesis in the Form of a Book Possible?

Manakin Press is a place where new authors can find a place to bloom. We like to provide every possi...

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