Ishwar Dutt Vats

Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Deshbandhu College

Dr. Ishwar Dutt Vats is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. He holds a B.Sc in Chemistry from Acharya Narendra Dev College, M.Sc in Organic Chemistry from Hansraj College and doctorate in Chemistry in 2009 from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi.
His doctorate research was on peptide chemistry, analgesics, and synthetic organic chemistry. His research was published in several publications and even in peer reviewed international journals such as the European Journal of Pain, European Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Neuroscience Research, Neuropeptides, and Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology.
Since he is one of the best in his field, he has received several research grants from University Grant Commission, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and University of Delhi.