At Manakin Press, we believe in setting our standards higher than any established industry benchmarks. Our understanding is that just experience cannot replace commitment and dedication. This is what drives us on our quest for excellence. We hope to become the yardstick against which the publication industry is measured. Our operations emphasise our core competencies such as synergy, engagement, and integration with each stakeholder of every project. We value the authors in our roster, our distributors, and the educational institutions alike.

It is our belief that growth cannot happen in isolation. This is why, with every project we undertake, we make sure all stakeholders achieve the most they can from it. We believe it is our duty to integrate the best practices of the industry with the superlative talent that exists inside every aspiring author. To this end, we nurture and guide all first-time authors so that they get that critical boost at the beginning of their writing careers.

We provide them with all the tools they need for success, including subject based advice and marketing perspectives. We believe in adapting with the market, so our flexibility and versatility become our strengths in the changing environments of the world of educational publication. Our belief is that preserving old values cannot be done at the cost of technological advancement. This is why we have our books in digital as well as analogue formats.

This also serves to ensure that the knowledge of the written word is accessible to everyone who seeks it. This is also apparent in our price points, which are highly competitive and affordable. As our network grows, we ascertain that our old associates do not get left behind. It is our hope that we are the conduit for their success as we grow. We hope to become the market leaders on the strength of our dedication, versatility, and commitment to quality.