The Company

Headquartered in New Delhi and boasting of multiple offices in both Dubai and London, Manakin Press is primed to accelerate its reach and accessibility across the world. Catering to the most well-known academic institutions in the UK and global markets, we are constantly upping the ante for authors and readers alike. Our inspiration lies in our firm commitment to provide a more streamlined system for authors, universities, libraries, and distributors. Our expansive infrastructure is designed explicitly to facilitate the needs of each of our clients, regardless of how unique or complex they may be.

At Manakin Press, we take pride in our elaborate collection of exceptional titles from distinguished academicians and scientists across the world. At the same time, we persistently look to pinpoint and improve untouched educational subjects where representation is scarce. Our diverse writers’ roster consists of some of the most well-known academic authors in the world. This sparkling line-up, combined with our ever-active production pipeline, allows us to be flexible, versatile, and capable of handling the changing conditions of the industry.

Superlative teams of empanelled experts from all technical fields coupled with world-class production facilities spread across the globe give us a dynamic and highly adaptable outlook. We are perpetually in the process of analysing new titles which we believe can make a huge difference in the already saturated field of academic publishing. Some of the academic disciplines that we focus on include Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Medicine, Social Sciences, Information Technology, and Computer Science.

We offer books in virtually all formats possible, including eBooks designed for specific devices and paperbacks for conventional readers. Notably, more than 150 titles in different disciplines are set to be rolled out in the current year by Manakin Press. Founding a new paradigm in Academic Publishing with experience, commitment, and dedication, Manakin Press is on the verge of creating a special position for itself in a highly competitive, niche market. We invite you to join us in this momentous journey!