Our Team
Gaurav Parwanda

Gaurav Parwanda is the master of business strategy and development. He has the ability to focus on the core strengths and goals of a business and drive them forward. He has a flair for organisational development and strategic planning.

Gaurav also has a long-standing association with the world of book publishing and education. His networking ability, combined with his business development acumen is the key factor behind the rapid growth of Manakin Press.

Varun Parwanda

Varun Parwanda is the man who has put Manakin Press at the top in the industry for customer satisfaction. He has a hands-on approach when dealing with both his team and clients which stand him in good stead in day to day operations.

His years of experience in the customer relation management industry give him a unique perspective and understanding of the end user side of the business. This has provided him the ability to give the clients what they want through not only existing knowledgebase but also innovative thinking.

Beenu Bhalla

Beenu Bhalla is the publishing director at, and one of the founding Directors of, Manakin Press. After spending years in the higher education publishing industry, he had a revelation which led him to became a part of the Manakin Dream. He realised that in spite of the quality of Indian Higher Education, students still largely relied on foreign textbooks.

Manakin Press was his brainchild that was conceived precisely on the basis of this revelation. Beenu rose to prominence during his time at Springer Publishers as the National Manager (Books) for the Indian sub-continent. He has also been instrumental in the initial planning and shaping of the publishing programme at I.K. International Publishing House and the initial shaping of Jones and Bartlett Learning India.