Mission/ Vision

We, at Manakin Press, aspire to be recognised as the leading name in highly specialised, all-encompassing core areas of technical research, scientific analysis, and education. Our objective is to become the epitome of best practices in the industry and set higher benchmarks with every new title. Our unwavering focus remains on accruing an extensive catalogue of high quality titles and we diligently strive to better their distribution. We are constantly looking for new authors who are pioneers and experts in their fields.

Our aim is to bring forth the knowledge they possess in printed form and disseminate it. We cater to educational bodies and libraries, assuring them the very best, including books on subjects that have poor representation. Our quest is to constantly build up our collection to include textbooks for highly specialised subjects. We want our collection to be all-inclusive, with popular titles rubbing shoulders with those which traditionally have less representation.

Our goal is to simply boost and improve the education sector in the country, providing top end reading material to students, professionals, and academics alike. We strive to become the foremost name in the world of educational publication purely on the basis of our high quality reading material. To make sure our treasure trove of knowledge reaches every young mind who seeks it, we have an extensive network of distributors.

We always look to expand this network through new collaborations. Manakin Press always welcomes business opportunities with distributors, dealers, publishing agents, and direct sellers. We hope to eventually become the home to the luminaries of the global academic publishing industry and the leaders of academic publishing. Our vision is to become an indispensable part of the industry, with a reputation for having the largest collection of high quality educational textbooks in all disciplines.