Manakin Press has presence on five continents. Our headquarters in New Delhi provide us with a solid base for business in the Indian sub-continent as well as South-East Asia. We are already well on our way to becoming the best academic publication of India. In addition to that, we have offices in London and Sharjah. Our UAE office enables us to open up markets in the Middle East and North Africa. This gives us a comprehensive coverage in Asia and the Middle East with a foothold in Africa. The UK office is equipped to handle the European market as well as the Americas.

We have an editorial panel consisting of luminaries in the field of education. Every single book that passes through our doors is vetted by them to ensure the high level of standards we hold ourselves up to is maintained. As one of the most trusted academic publication of India, we have already established close working ties with some of the top institutes in the country. The list of our associates includes prestigious names like IIT, IIM, and TERI. Our publication is already defining curriculum and course material through our specially-designed textbooks.

Our distribution network is made up of some of the most respected names in the industry and is always expanding. We have established close ties with a number of publishing houses and dealers, who have placed their trust in us because of our reliability and quality. Manakin Press is a growing force to be reckoned with in the publication industry of the Indian sub-continent.

Our infrastructure is equipped to handle business in the GCC countries, North Africa, Europe, and the Americas, in addition to India and South-East Asia. This we do without compromising on our quality. Our name is rapidly being associated with good value, reliable content, and world-class standards.